The Website 1.0 Beta

First Words to The Community

Thank You !

First of all, we would like to thank our partners and each of our supporters who have joined The Akitavax Community, who have not left us alone since we started this journey. At this point where our new journey started, we needed a new face, and we designed an interface that would highlight our mission as a design. Your support and satisfaction for this step we have taken with our newly designed website is very valuable to us. We are honored and proud to walk with you on this new path…

Akitavax Team


The new website has been designed to be user-friendly with a simpler interface. There is a welcome page as the landing page. The desired section can be accessed via the website menu in the upper right corner of the page. It is possible to switch to Home, Avaverse (Play&Earn games will be announced), Ecosystem (Swap, Staking, Akitapad, Liquidity, Pools, Farms), Shop (NFT Marketplace, Merchandise), About (Introduction, Portfolio, Team), Pages, Docs sections via the menu.



a. Home:

The landing page is displayed.

b. Avaverse:

Play&Earn games are presented.

c. Ecosystem:


Direct exchange of a certain amount of one cryptocurrency token for another can be done by users.


In exchange for some ecosystem tokens being locked for a period of time, a specified amount of earning can be made.


The launchpad for the new projects to support them in the fairest way.


Liquidity pools are generated for DeFi ecosystem.


Liquidity pools that have already been created are listed for community members to join.


Liquidity pools that have already been created are listed to stake liquidity pool tokens.

d. Shop:

NFT Marketplace:

Akitavax NFT collections and collections of collaborated nft projects are listed.


Akitavax branding merchandise collections are listed.

e. About:


Brief information about Akitavax and mission-vision are explained. Also, announcements and instant tweets of Akitavax can be reached.


Brief information about the ecosystem and the roadmap are explained.


Team members and their duties are explained.

f. Pages:

It is directed to a link where all web pages of Akitavax can be reached.

g. Docs:

All the documental sources about Akitavax can be reached.

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