Introduction of Akitavax

What is Akitavax?

Akitavax is a community driven cryptocurrency on the Avalanche network. Our first intention is to be the premier community token and symbol of the Avalanche ecosystem. Another purpose of Akitavax is to bring the Akita breed to the point it deserves among other meme tokens. Also Akitavax will be the fairest and the most transparent meme token on the Avalanche network. Even though the developer team has set the initial course for the project, Akitavax community members will play an integral role in shaping the token’s future journey. Akitavax is created via a fair launch with big part of community allocation, and it is intended that every Akitavax ecosystem component will be designed to involve AKITAX in some way, either directly (e.g. within the product) or indirectly (e.g. via a buy back and burn mechanism).

Two different tokens are planned to launch in the Akitavax ecosystem named Akitax and Xakita. Akitax is the native and flagship token of the Akitavax project and products to manage and to fund all ecosystem. On the other hand, first project of Akitavax will be the meme launchpad to serve evolution of meme world. On this launchpad Xakita will be used for staking to getting alocation on IDOs.

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