About Ecosystem Tokens

What is $AKITAX?

Akitax Token is released to be the flagship token of The Akitavax Project running on Avalanche Network. The idea of the fairest ecosystem is the starting point of Akitavax Project, and Akitax Token is planned to be at the center of this ecosytem. Akitax Token is designed to be used for crypto investment tools such as;

- Swapping

- Farming

- Lending

- Borrowing

- Staking

At the same time, on the Akitavax Ecosystem investment pools will be started with Akitax Token parity and liquidty development will be driven by Akitax Token funding.

What is $XAKITA?

Xakita Token is released to be the decentralized launchpad token of The Akitavax Project running on Avalanche Network. Also, Xakita Token is intended to be used for a fair launchpad structure and charity activities. A specific part of Xakita Token funds will be used for social awareness projects to support sustainability of earth life.

Xakita Token owners will have the right to participate in the project to be carried out on the launchpad and will be given the right to purchase in proportion to the amount of Xakita Token they contribute. At the same time, the projects to be launched will be selected by votes of The Akitavax Community members, and this will be enable to establish the fairest structure on both project selection and allocation structure on the launch mechanism.

How To Create The Most Equitable Launchpad System?

The most important condition of establishing a fully fair and decentralized launchpad mechanism is to give everyone a chance who want to participate. Thanks to Xakita Token created within the Akitavax Ecosystem, fair launches will be performed in a simple way. The difference of Akitavax Launchpad from others is that it gives chance to join to everyone in The Akitavax Community.

Tasks to complete for a fair launcpad:

- Max 10 times, depending on tokenomics allocation, Xakita Token give aways till Akitax Token IDO date

- 1 time validator give away

- Proportional participation mechanism

- Project selection system by voting method

Concept of The Akitavax Launchpad

Arts and foundation-oriented projects will be launched through a community-centered, decentralized fair launching mechanism that everyone in The Akitavax Community can be participate. Thus, The Akitavax Ecosystem will support the fairest and community-centered idea in terms of project selection and participation.

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